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gisChart is Software For Presenting Your Data On Maps.

What is gisChart

gisChart is the right software for visualizing your data on maps. With gisChart, georeferenced data tables can be visualized in interactive gisCharts as a heat map, bar graph, text, or pie chart. These gisCharts are fully customizable by you and if needed, can be adapted to your company’s design.

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Why you should use Map Charts

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Better Visualizations

Presentation is often as equally important as content whenever you wish to publish your results or present them to third parties. With gisChart, you can expand your visualization options and will be able to better communicate and present in a convincing manner.

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Multifaceted Publication

Take advantage of gisChart’s numerous publication options. Publish your gisCharts on your website, blog, social network, or download the gisChart as a PDF or image file to enhance your PowerPoint presentation or printed materials.

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Comprehensive Region Management

gisChart manages more than 50,000 regions in the entire world. Do you have data about Chinese provinces, counties in Bavaria, or European countries? gisChart has coded over 300,000 areas in the world thereby allowing you to visualize regional or global data.

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Simple User Interfaces

Visualizing data in maps may sound complicated, but that’s not the case. It’s very simple to create gisCharts. The user interface has been divided into 4 simple steps with the help of various user tests. You won’t need to take any classes nor would you need to read an instruction manual the size of a novel, guaranteed.

Who uses MapCharts

Market Researchers

gisChart expands upon their survey results with geo and regional analyses. Usage Examples: You can visualize the level of satisfaction per country in a multinational study about Europe or a study within a country at the state level or analyze it at the country level and visualize this data.

Geographers and Gis Users

As mapping experts, you may already be familiar with GIS systems, which help you solve mapping problems. gisChart helps you visualize area data and lends itself very well for supplementation to your existing GIS system, since map creation takes place extraordinarily quickly compared to conventional GIS systems.


As a journalist, you have to present data to your viewers in an understandable manner. With gisChart, you can create visual and highly communicative maps that you can publish on your online media or download as a vector graphics file for use in print media.

And everyone who works with Data Tables

It really doesn’t matter what field you work in. As long as you need to analyze or visualize global or regional data, then gisChart is just the right product for you. gisChart is also suitable for accountants, business intelligence users and experts, sales managers, statisticians etc.